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Mrinali I Divecha

Mrinali I. Divecha is a qualified Nutritionist with a specialization in Weight Management, PCOS, and Diabetes. She is a certified Nutrigenetics expert and certified Entrepreneur.

Our expert offers dietary advice to heal holistically and handholds the clients through the process Our expert has transformed the lives of clients in countries like India, the USA, Canada, Dubai, UAE, Singapore.

The Goal of the AyurDNA Corporate Wellness Program is to improve the health status of the employees working in a corporate and who are desiring to create a positive work-life balance
Customized for families who are health conscious and wishes to stay healthy with nutritious, fresh, easy-to-cook food
A special 30 days program to help you cultivate healthy nutritional habits for improving your lifestyle.
Managing our weight can be a vital first step to achieve health and a better quality of life.