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Nithya Rajendran

Nithya Rajendran

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Music lies at the very heart of life and existence. At the seat of creation, lies rhythm and the primordial sound. When music touches a person, whether he or she is a lay listener, a connoisseur, an instrumentalist, a percussionist, a singer or a musicologist, it bestows a bliss that cannot be captured in words.

Nithya Rajendran was born into a musically inclined family. Her grand uncle, the distinguished Guruji. A. S. Raghavan, made history with his music compositions for the famous collection of Tamil devotional poetry called Thirupuggazh. His compositions are sung far and wide across the world today. Hailing from a family of connoisseurs and performers of music, understandably led to exposure to music at a very early age for Nithya. She has not looked back since, as music progressively carved a deep niche in her voice and heart. Music has retained a very special place in her life notwithstanding various other pursuits and achievements, including securing qualifications in Economics and Mass Communication, working with leading advertising agencies for many years and pursuing an active career in photography.

She now has over thirty years of learning behind her. She is a versatile classical vocalist who has had intensive training in both styles – Carnatic and Hindustani classical music. She has many accolades and performances to her credit. Her deep passion for music has now expanded from performing to educating through teaching and workshops, and also to exploring the therapeutic and spiritual potential of Indian classical music.

The cultivation of any art is a journey involving passion and hard work. One of the most important factors determining a person’s ability to be a successful artist, or even a connoisseur, is how he or she gets introduced to the art form. The ability of the teacher or the guide to cultivate interest and passion for the art therefore plays a pivotal role.
Nithya fervently believes that appreciation and ability for music should be cultivated in everybody. Since music has enormous powers that can please the heart, heal the body and enrich the mind, it should be available to one and all. Indian classical music is unique, rich and complex. Understanding the structure and norm of Indian classical music goes a long way in helping  develop its appreciation.

Through her initiative ‘Music Vruksh’ TM, Nithya aspires to create knowledge and appreciation of Indian Classical music in the young and old alike. ‘Music Vruksh’ TM is an umbrella of learning through which Nithya reaches people using two methods:
Workshops and Lecture/Concert Demonstrations

Wellness through Music with Nithya Rajendran

  • Pay for 3 sessions with the renowned Nithya Rajendran and get 4 sessions of her Wellness through Music.
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